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Employability is presumed and not a rite of passage. That is what the Employment First initiative is ultimately all about. We no longer want systems that create the ladder to employment, but rather support the person as they seek employment now. At the same time, the Federal Government has changed the definition of a segregated setting and has required State Governments to submit plans to retract old systems and policies and move forward with community based initiatives. What we have is a complete paradigm shift over the next few years which will challenge persons with disabilities, families, providers, and local governments, to change and move in a different direction.

New standards, rates of reimbursement, regulations and accreditation requirements are either here, or coming soon. As a service provider you will need to blend funding streams and systems to provide seamless synergistic programming for persons with disabilities. If you are in the planning stages, or still trying to learn about the impact of this future state, be sure to contact us. Our experience with the Ohio Project Transformation initiative will have you moving your organization toward this new employment paradigm.

​Project Transformation Core Elements:

  • Funding Diversification
  • Financial Planning
  • Staff Decentralization
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Integrated Employment Supports
  • Data Collection
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Measurement

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