Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is one of the most fundamental tools of your business.  You must have an organized, way to express the challenges that you are facing and the steps you will take to make the most of the opportunities and minimize your threats.


Accreditation Services

Accreditation makes a statement about your commitment to excellence. Whether this is your first survey or you want to assure you are prepared for success again, TIL has the experience and track record to assure your success.

Employment First

Funding streams and public policy have changed to promote community based, integrated employment and day services.  Make sure your program complies with new rules.  It is critical that you have services that align your fiscal and program models.

Management Training

Front line supervision in healthcare is one of the most difficult positions to hold.  You are caught between provision and direction of crucial services.  New Managers must have have access to the tools and systems that will make everyone successful.

Social Media & Web Design

Assure that you are using the full potential of what Social Media has to offer, as well as a web design that puts the focus on communication and relationships with your clients and stakeholders.  We specialize in non-profits and small businesses.

Team Dynamics

Consultants have the ability to be your companies change agent.  With a fresh perspective, and flexible thinking, TIL is able to create dynamic changes within your teams, while providing invaluable perspective to your leadership.

Operation Integrity Plans

Process Mapping, Risk Management, Key Performance Indicators….  If these are foreign concepts or ideas where you work, it may feel like you are going in circles.  Implement best practice tools that will have your operations running effectively.

Flexible Work Force

Companies need the ability to dial up/down their work force, based on opportunities, or industry slow downs that occur in government contracted businesses.  Use TIL professionals to lead projects or focus support efforts as needed.

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