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How are you partnering with Managed Care? How are you currently being accessed by Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s)? Our health care continues to move toward measured outcomes and risk management. Can you express how your services support HEDIS measurements and NCQA standards? MCO’s are capable of this kind of analysis and trajectory and if your organization cannot create a relationship as well as provide data and information, your agency will be left behind. In many states, MCO’s are growing by asking to serve all Medicaid populations (including unique populations that were initially carved out) through their organization and growing network of behavioral and physical health care providers.  In Ohio, with the passing of the current budget, children and adolescents in foster care settings will be mandated to move, or stay in a managed care plan, and adults with developmental disabilities are now given the choice to enroll in managed plans.

Managed Care Organizations serve millions of members and need provider networks to maintain and support quality outcomes. If you do not have ongoing contact and a “first name basis” relationship with your Medicaid MCOs, you need to move toward this space.  TIL can help establish those contacts and partnerships as well as an overall strategy for engagement.

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